Part-time CFO

Many high growth organizations in technical fields often require the services of a seasoned CFO on a part-time basis.  Bruce Bishop Consulting can provide 1 or 2 days a week for companies who can’t afford a full-time executive but still require financial expertise to help their organization realize their potential.   We can help prepare the monthly financial and operations reports.  We can help prepare the cash forecasting models for the company that can track cash burn and plan properly the next capital infusion such that the business is not disrupted and senior management is not distracted from running the business. We can help with annual audits and tax returns and dealing with all professional advisors. Bruce Bishop Consulting’s Part-time CFO Program is a program to help produce results for entrepreneurs that have built their businesses and leaves them free from cash worries and concentrate on strategic execution.

Have you ever seen?
Have you ever seen a good new company fail due to a lack of proper financial management?  Have you ever seen a potential investor fail to offer a term sheet due to a lack of preparedness of behalf of the company? Have you ever seen a lack of cash forecasting force a company to accept financing terms that are very detrimental to the company because they did not know they were running out of cash? These issues affect the ability of these companies to execute on their business plans and lead to unnecessary distractions to senior management.  These are common problems for most high growth technology firms. These are the problems that a Part-time CFO would resolve.

What are the duties of a Part-time CFO?
While a great deal of the Part-time CFO duties will be determined by the particular needs of the client, there are many issues that each high growth companies will go through. Our Part-time CFO will provide senior financial, legal, and human resource leadership for the client company. The Part-time CFO will review monthly financial statements with particular emphasis on Revenue Recognition and Cash Management.  We can suggest changes to the existing monthly packages that are provided to Senior management and the Board of Directors.