Equity or Bank Debt Financing

Many high growth organizations in technical fields often find they have the need to raise capital to finance their growth and achieve their business plans and Bruce Bishop Consulting can help you to achieve a positive result.  We can help prepare the investor pitch presentation and organize meetings with potential investors which have specific interest in your market segment and your company in particular.  These high growth companies need to present the company in the best possible light to maximize interest from potential investors and banks.  Bruce Bishop Consulting can ensure that your company is ready to start the process to find the right investor or bank for your business.   Bruce Bishop Consulting’s Equity and Bank Debt Financing program is a program to help produce results for entrepreneurs that have built their businesses and are ready to take on an investor or debt finance partner.   

Have you ever seen?
Have you ever seen a good idea for a new company die due to a lack of financing? Have you ever heard a potential investor fail to offer a term sheet due to a lack of understanding of the future potential of a new business?  Have you ever seen a lack of attention to detail de-rail a good business idea due to lack of clarity in its investor presentation?  These issues affect the ability of these companies to raise the funds they need or get the appropriate valuation that will propel these firms forward to meet their potential.  These are common problems for most high growth technology firms who are engaged in embarking on debt or equity fundraising. These are the problems that a well-articulated fundraising plan would resolve.

What is a Equity or Debt Fund-raising Program?
The EDFP is a comprehensive preparedness program for your senior management and professional advisors. It can vary in length, but is commonly delivered over 2 to 3 months. The EDFP consists of reviewing your business plan and financial model and creating the investor pitch deck which tells the story of your company clearly or concisely. We will work with you and your staff to identify potential investors that provide a good match between the company’s strengths and the strategic goals of the venture capitalists or venture banks.  The consultant will help reach out together with the Senior Executives of the company to organize a financing road show that will yield at least one term sheet for a financing of the size that will help the company achieve their business plans.

Our Methodology
While a great deal of the EDFP material and structure is already developed and tested on other high growth companies just like you. Our project starts with understanding the specific business issues and financing needs of the company. Our next step is to provide a comprehensive review of the business plan and financial model.  We can suggest changes to existing material to provide accurate and consistent presentation of your company’s financial and strategic position.  Finally, we will help you translate the business plan and financial model into a precise investor pitch presentation that will yield positive results.