Due Diligence Readiness

High growth organizations in technical fields often need to raise capital to meet their business goals. Part of this process is providing a professional package of due diligence materials for prospective investors. Bruce Bishop Consulting’s Due Diligence Readiness is a program that will help companies prepare a due diligence data room that tells the proper financial and legal story for your company.  We will provide an experienced review of the materials and suggest changes and additions that will improve your company’s chances of completing a transaction.

Have you ever seen

  • Have you ever seen a due diligence review by an investor turn into many months of additional review due to lack of preparedness? 
  • Have you ever heard a potential investor fail to offer a term sheet due to improper detail in due diligence materials or failure to provide accurate records of capital structure or previous transactions?
  • Have you ever seen a lack of attention to tax issues cause the potential investor to discount the valuation they were prepared to offer due to unknown or unseen financial risks?
  • These issues affect the valuation that these companies can negotiate with potential new financial partners.  These are common problems for most high growth technology firms who are engaged in embarking on debt or equity fundraising. These are the problems that a Due Diligence Readiness Program will resolve. 

What is a Due Diligence Readiness Program?
The DDRP is a consulting, training and preparedness session for your financial and human resource professionals. It can vary in length, but is commonly delivered over 4 to 6 weeks. The DDRP consists of reviewing your entire due diligence materials and ensuring that they are ready to be analyzed by the investor and their professional advisors.  The consultant will teach your staff how to build a due diligence data room stocked with materials that are ready for inspection.

Our Methodology
Our project starts with understanding the specific business issues and financing needs of the company. Our next step is to review the content and develop a relevant and feasible timeline to ensure that the due diligence room is ready quickly.  We can suggest changes to existing material to provide accurate and consistent presentation of your company’s financial and legal position.