Cash Management Program

Many high growth organizations in technical fields often find they have the need to manage their cash very carefully.  The critical cash cycle of Sale to Invoice to Cash receipt is the most important financial cycle in an organization and the start of a cash management process that will ensure that the organization knows when to raise capital or bank debt.  Bruce Bishop Consulting can help you to achieve cash management process that ensures that the company has sufficient cash to execute on its business plan.  We can help prepare the cash forecasting models for the company that can track cash burn and plan properly the next capital infusion such that the business is not disrupted and senior management is not distracted from running the business. These high growth companies need to protect their cash and use all means at their disposal to extend their cash runway. Bruce Bishop Consulting’s Cash Management Program is a program to help produce results for entrepreneurs that have built their businesses and leaves them free from cash worries in order to concentrate on strategic execution.

Have you ever seen?
Have you ever seen a good idea for a new company die due to a lack of cash?  Have you ever heard a potential investor fail to offer a term sheet due to a lack of time that prevents a company to receive the vital funds they need to survive?  Have you ever seen a lack of cash forecasting force a company to accept adverse financing terms because they did not know they were running out of cash? These issues affect the ability of companies to execute on their business plans and lead to unnecessary distractions for senior management.  These are common problems for most high growth technology firms. These are the problems that a well articulated cash management plan would resolve. 

What is a Cash Management Program?
The CMP is a comprehensive preparedness program for your senior management and Board of Directors. It can vary in length, but is commonly delivered on an ongoing process. The CMP consists of reviewing your business plan and financial model and creating the cash management model that will predict the cash position of the company for the next 24 months. The next stage involves identifying the low points for cash and develops the appropriate strategy to address the shortfall. The consultant will work with the finance staff to ensure that the senior management and the Board are provided with monthly cash updates.

Our Methodology
Our project starts with the development of a comprehensive cash-forecasting model. Our next step is to provide monthly cash presentations for review by the Board and Senior Management of the business.  We can suggest changes to existing material to provide accurate and consistent presentation of your cash needs.  We will develop relationships with your bank in order to increase lines of credit and short term lending products.